Obohela (2016) Asif & Arif And Mahmud Juwel Full Album


Album: Obohela
Singer: Asif , Arif, Mahmud Juwel
Lyrics & Tune: Mahmud Juwel
Label: Soundtek
Original Track: 12
Type: Mp3
Quality: OST
Audio Bitrate: 192Kbps
Uploaded by Joker
Year: 2016
01.Obohela by Asif-(Dhokabuzz.Net)
02.Vule Jao by Asif-(Dhokabuzz.Net)
03.Jante Cheona by Asif-(Dhokabuzz.Net)
04.Ken Amake by Arif-(Dhokabuzz.Net)
05.Holo Na by Asif-(Dhokabuzz.Net)
06.Gun Borshai by Arif-(Dhokabuzz.Net)
07.Vabashi by Mahmud Juwel-(Dhokabuzz.Net)
08.Chiti by Mahmud Juwel-(Dhokabuzz.Net)
09.Mon by Asif-(Dhokabuzz.Net)
10.Shaboner Megsh by Asif-(Dhokabuzz.Net)
11.Poriya by  Asif-(Dhokabuzz.Net)
12.Vule Jabo by Asif-(Dhokabuzz.Net)

01.Obohela_by_Asif-(Dhokabuzz.Net).mp3 –  6.1 MB
02.Vule_Jao_by_Asif-(Dhokabuzz.Net).mp3 –  6.2 MB
03.Jante_Cheona_by_Asif-(Dhokabuzz.Net).mp3 –  7.0 MB
04.Ken_Amake_by_Arif-(Dhokabuzz.Net).mp3 –  6.4 MB
05.Holo_Na_by_Asif-(Dhokabuzz.Net).mp3 –  7.6 MB
06.Gun_Borshai_by_Arif-(Dhokabuzz.Net).mp3 –  7.3 MB
07.Vabashi_by_Mahmud_Juwel-(Dhokabuzz.Net).mp3 –  7.2 MB
08.Chiti_by_Mahmud_Juwel-(Dhokabuzz.Net).mp3 –  7.1 MB
09.Mon_by_Asif-(Dhokabuzz.Net).mp3 –  6.6 MB
10.Shaboner_Megsh_by_Asif-(Dhokabuzz.Net).mp3 –  5.6 MB
11.Poriya_by__Asif-(Dhokabuzz.Net).mp3 –  5.7 MB
12.Vule_Jabo_by_Asif-(Dhokabuzz.Net).mp3 –  5.7 MB
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